Yoga Mama: the Practitioner's Guide to Prenatal Yoga

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Yoga Mama is the perfect companion for the experienced yoga practitioner during her pregnancy and on into motherhood. This pre- and postnatal book offers practical advice and inspiration, asana sequences, pranayama practices, and meditation techniques, all of which speak to and help new mothers connect more deeply to their experience and prepare for their journey - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Grounded in ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge, the book covers each trimester, labour and birth, and the postpartum years.

It includes:

  • Flowing sequences that emphasise self-awareness and promote strength, flexibility, and balance

  • Modifications that accommodate a pregnant woman's growing belly, recalibrate her balance, and honour fluctuations in her energy levels

  • Mini sequences for specific trimester challenges: morning sickness, fatigue, anxiety, low-back issues, etc.

  • Asana, pranayama, and meditation practices designed to deeply connect mother and baby from the beginning of pregnancy through the postpartum years

  • A dedicated section on the pelvic floor to encourage women to let go and prepare for labour and birth

  • Special breathing techniques for labour that encourage natural childbirth

  • Deeper practices and ancient teachings that can help women tap into their strength and create a prenatal and birthing experience that is empowering and unique

  • Postpartum advice and sequences designed to help knit things back together, address postpartum challenges, and offer tips for bonding, nursing, self-care, and nutrition

  • Information (from a Western holistic and ayurvedic perspective) on what is happening in the body at every juncture - prenatal, labour and birth, and postpartum

    Personal advice and stories from a wide array of pre- and postnatal experts