Yoga Bolster Merino Wool

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Yoga bolster made of real 100% merino wool, the softest covering you can imagine. Perfect for both meditation and yoga, especially Yin yoga. A wool yoga bolster is both comfortable and practical to have as a soft support in different yoga postures or under the knees in savasana.

Filled with buckwheat hulls and provided with a zipper so that you can easily adjust the amount of buckwheat as desired. Practical handle so you can easily take your wool yoga bolster with you.


Dimensions: approx. 25 x 60 cm.

Material: 100% pure new wool from WOOLMARK. The wool is knitted in a polyester net.

Weight: about 4.5 kg

Wash the cover by hand or on a fine program (wool program), max 30 degrees in the washing machine. Use a mild / gentle detergent. Do not iron. Not in the dryer. Ventilate so that it dries well. Real wool products can have a mild to strong odor at first. If you react to the scent, ventilate the yoga clothing in a well-ventilated area until the scent is gone. Here you can read about Woolmark and their animal care rules:

Washing instructions for wool:

Wash on the wool program No bleach. Air dry - not in the dryer Stretch a small cover when wet, hang it up and let it air dry Specifications: Color: off-white 100% merino wool Inner cushion: cotton canvas Filling: Buckwheat husks

Made in the EU

Care: Maintenance and cleaning of buckwheat products is very simple. Empty covers can be washed in the washing machine. The buckwheat shell does not really require any cleaning, but if you want, you can refresh the buckwheat shells by freezing them for a day or exposing them to sunlight – put the shells in a laundry bag, preferably two… rinse them under running water – spread the shells on a sheet in the sun, the sun disinfects them and as they dry they contract and become like new.


Colour: Off white 

100% Merino Wool

Inner Cushion:  Cotton canvas

Filling: Buckwheat shells 

Made in EU

"Flokati" production is certified by"Oeko-Tex® 100" standard.

It is a universally acknowledged ecological standard. Textile products can be certified by "Oeko-Tex® 100" standard only if all components comply with necessary requirements. To ensure that all raw materials are tested.

Tested and certified products do not have any unfavourable or harmful impact on consumers since "Oeko-Tex® 100" standard indicates strict allowable quantities of harmful materials for textile products.

According to the test results of "Oeko-Tex® 100" standard Class 1, all "Flokati" products comply with ecologic requirements and are safe for adults and children.