Bubble Wool Organics - Felted Soaps

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The wool gently exfoliates and has antibacterial qualities, the wool is also anti-fungal. Felt cover helps prolong the life of the bar of soap. With felted soap, you have washcloth and soap all in one.
Felted soap dries easily and felt helps you with an easy grip.

Felt is made of pure sheep wool and pure soap is made from natural oils like olive oil.
Made with needle felt technique.

How to Use?
Wet the felted soap, and massage your body with the soap. After you are done, just wash the soap and leave it for drying in open and dry place.You can easily use your soap on your face and body after foaming it in your hand with warm water.
After usage, felt will shrink as soap shrinks. Please keep in your mind that it is for personal usage.

Square felt soap dimensions: 8 x 8 x2.5 cm (3.2 x 3.2 x 1 in)
Weight: 150 gr (5.3 oz)
Brief Info About Felt Art
Felt art is one of the earliest techniques of Turkish handicrafts. Felt art came to Anatolia from Central Asia along with other art by the Turks who migrated to the west in the 11th century. Felt is obtained by interlocking animal fibers, especially sheep wool, rabbit wool, camel wool, mohair and goat sheep with heat, moisture, soap, oil, acid, etc. under pressure. Patterns often include geometric ornaments, motifs from nature.