2021 Holiday Gift Guide #3

2021 Holiday Gift Guide #3

by Tulsi Heinen 

My mother is my biggest supporter. I have been a yoga teacher for 11 years now and while she could tell you allll about yoga (because we've had about 10,000 phone calls all about it), she's never once been to my yoga class. Our shop is more than yoga mats and accessories - it's products we love, that are ethically made and uplift the spirit!

This meditating teddy bear (that has wires inside to pose him!) has become a bit of a cult favorite. Once you have a Meddy Teddy you become part of a little club. You won't be able to stop posing him and taking funny photos. 

L:A BRUKET Salt Bath Marigold, Orange & Geranium €26 
Every mom loves taking baths! Since I became a mom last year I have come to understand that bath = alone time! Win for any mamma. 

SATYA Heart Centered Gold Necklace €90
18K gold plated brass. It's shiny and sweet and a gesture of love. 

UASHAMAMA Terracotta 'Scaldapane' €8 
This is literally the best invention ever. You pop this little guy in the oven to heat and then place it in your bread basket to keep your bread or muffins soft and warm. Mmmm! 

L:A BRUKET Eye Make-up remover €31 
Not sure about your mom, but my mom wears a lot of eye make-up :) 

UASHAMAMA Siena Card Holder €24 
A minimalist design approach with a go anywhere functionality! It's VEGAN leather. Fits 4 cards and a little cash (which a great mom always has!) 


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