2021 Holiday Gift Guide #1

2021 Holiday Gift Guide #1

by Tulsi Heinen

We've all been there, ladies. You just started dating a new man and you reallllly want him to try yoga because it's a huge part of your life. We know it's pretty complicated to explain to anyone how awesome yoga makes you feel (even harder to explain to your new boyfriend who probably thinks yoga is just sitting around and watching a candle burn) So I've put together this little gift guide to introduce your lover to what you love. 

UASHAMAMA Wine Bag €25 
Wine in a chic recycled paper bag! Best to discuss your first yoga lesson over a bottle of wine. 

MANDUKA Zip Hoodie €60
Athleasure wear is all the rage right now. In the work from home era this hoodie doubles as great gear to travel to yoga class in or just to sit at your desk all cosy this winter. 

JADE Yoga Strap €20
This is a great plan if you want to practice yoga at home or even get kinky.

L:A BRUKET Almond & Coconut Lip Balm €13 
For some silky soft and kissable lips. 

UASHMAMA Xmas Stocking €28 
This is a wonderful stocking as it is sustainable! Made from recycled washable paper. 

Deep spiritual reading. The introduction of this book alone is mind-blowing and will give you a lot to talk about over wine. 

LIFORME Happiness Mat in Vibrant Orange €155
This is a very high end mat for a yoga beginner but it duals as a great at home workout mat for all kinds of exercise. It's bright color is uplifting and it's oh so easy to clean. 

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